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Δευτέρα, 3 Οκτωβρίου, 2022

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ΑΡΧΙΚΗΚΟΙΝΩΝΙΑHuman chain protest against war in Ukraine | Ανθρώπινη αλυσίδα από την...

Human chain protest against war in Ukraine | Ανθρώπινη αλυσίδα από την Ουκρανική Κοινότητα

Cyprus community launches international human chain event to join all European countries in support of Ukraine to stop the war Saturday, 5th of March, 14:00 human chains from those who support Ukraine and stand against war will be established by the Cyprus community in all major cities – Nicosia (Eleftheria Square), Limassol (old port square), Larnaca (Finikoudes), and Paphos (Harbour kiosk).

“Artillery shelling, missile attacks. What is going to be next – nuclear strikes? It doesn’t matter where you are from – only together we can stop Putin. This Saturday we will stand up for Ukraine across Cyprus”, says Olga one of the event organizers.

The city of Kharkiv with 1.5 million citizens is destroyed, children are born in basements and shelters. The war should be stopped. Communities of Georgia, Portugal, and Poland already have shown their support and plan to organize human chain events in their cities. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, 10 Greek expatriates were killed during a bombing by Russian forces in Sartana, a village in Donetsk oblast in eastern Ukraine. 42 persons were evacuated.

At 14:00 on Saturday all major Cyprus cities will participate in the event:

Limassol – Old Port square,, Paphos – Harbour Kiosk,, Larnaca – Finikoudes,, Nicosia – Eleftheria Square,

Organizers ask everyone to bring Ukraine national flags, symbols, and smiles. The goal of the event is to ask international communities worldwide to be more involved in actions that should be taken to stop the war. We are stronger together!

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