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Πέμπτη, 6 Οκτωβρίου, 2022

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ΑΡΧΙΚΗΛΕΜΕΣΟΣLimassol Dasoudi Beach 1 km long flight over the beach.

Limassol Dasoudi Beach 1 km long flight over the beach.

1 km long flight over the beach.

Cyprus Calling YouTube channel is flying over Dasoudi Beach.

One of the three main walking areas of Limassol is Dasoudi Beach.

The park stretches for 1 kilometer along the sea. Walking in the park, you inhale not only the aroma of eucalyptus and pine trees, but also the fresh sea air.

Almost all daylight hours the path passes in the shade of mighty trees, so it is not hot here.

If you are looking for coolness in Limassol, you need to go to Dasoudi. Along the entire park there is a beach with the same name – Dasoudi Beach.

Despite the city limits, the sea and sand are quite clean here.

This place is very popular among the locals of the city, so it will be crowded on weekends. But there is enough space for everyone, because the length of the beach is 1 kilometer.

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